Local Spotlight: Rosies and Rockers


This week’s spotlight is with Mateen Khan, at the trendy boutique Rosies and Rockers.

CapFABB: What made you start Rosies and Rockers?

Mateen Khan: Throughout high school and college, I remember being able to buy random brands off New York City streets that had a uniqueness to them. Each purchase had a look of its own and when paired with things in your wardrobe, created an image of who you were. As I got older, I’ve started to realized that this uniqueness isn’t available to us any longer. As adults, we are forced into certain molds We have a number of brands that focus on us, but what we don’t have is a brand that can bring that youthful carefree image back into our lives. After all, those where some of the best times! The concept of Rosies and Rockers is simple: punk up your daily look with one or more of our pieces. Reconnect with that youthful side. It’s about individualistic expression.


CapFABB: How did you come up with the name?

Rosies and Rockers: The word “Rosies” is from the icon Rosie the Riveter who encompassed the concept of feminismand empowerment and “Rocker” simply put, is the carefree spirit all of us were born with. I felt like it would also serve as a clear indication that we catered to both Women and Men.


CapFABB: Have you always been interested in fashion?

Rosies and Rockers: Absolutely. I’ve been in fashion for a decade now. I went from fashion management, to buying andthen finally to design. Over the years, the knowledge that I’ve learned and, the mentors that I’ve worked with, have been monumental in shaping my career and inspired me to open this space.


CapFABB: How would you describe the clothes found in Rosies & Rockers?

Rosies and Rockers: Glam Punk. The pieces we sell can be layered, paired, and mixed with existing items in your closet. An example would be every girl has a black dress, well you can find a jacket, accessory or bag that will make it pop beautifully. Something to make your look a bit more edgy.


CapFABB: DC is known for being very conservative. How does Rosies & Rockers break the mold?

Rosies and Rockers: I think the most important factor about D.C is the history of the area that the store is located on. U Street has always been the rebel street, and although things have changed in the last 10 years or so, you can still see the vibrant, different demographics that walk through it. There are so many communities that share similar interests in this city, but what ends up happening is if your not emerged into that culture you’re unaware of it. I’m simply putting a face to it by introducing Rosiesand Rockers. I honestly don’t feel like I’ll break any molds, but what I do feel like I am achieving is providing people with an alternative option to all these major and mass produced items we are so used to buying.


CapFABB: What is your favorite trend right now?

Rosies and Rockers: For men, I’m really loving the whole shorts and blazer look. It’s such a rockstar thing to do! It’s almost like saying, well I kind of dressed up. Just love it. Another being the printed pants is actually quite amazing, but I don’t see how that would translate well into street wear. I really hope that men catch onto that trend secretly though.

For women, the moto leather jacket over a day dress. So refreshing to see two opposites put together to create dramatic and striking looks. Baseball hats for women have always been on the top of my list and this year for spring they seemed to have finally caught on.


CapFABB: What is a staple in your wardrobe?

Rosies and Rockers: My wardrobe has a very high turnaround rate, probably because being in fashion, I strive to stay as current as possible. But there are a number of pieces tucked away that only come out during special occasions. One of my favorite pieces is a YSL trench coat with leather panels. Beautifully made. It was a limited edition piece and I had to trick a sales clerk into selling it to me (lol).  I think you can always expect me to show up dressed with one of these two thing

IMG_1935_out IMG_1936


Blogger Spotlight: CapFABB Outreach Coordinator

We have added new leadership to CapFABB and we are SO excited to introduce them to you in our Blogger Spotlight series! Meet Kellie… our Outreach Coordinator and new mommy! Congrats, Kellie!

Blog Name: The Yuppie Files
Blog URL: http://theyuppiefiles.com/
Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/theyuppiefiles
Twitter URL: https://twitter.com/TheYuppieFiles
Where are you located? Arlington, VA
What type of blogger are you? Fashion/Lifestyle


Tell us a bit about your blog (and how long you have been blogging): I’ve been blogging for 2 1/2 years, mainly about my lifestyle of living right outside of Washington DC. A “yuppie” is a young urban professional, so my blog is targeted towards all of my loves that fit in with that life from fashion to adventures in DC & shortly being a parent in the area.

How long have you been a CapFABB member and what is your favorite CapFABB memory? I’ve been a member since January 2012 & my favorite memory was the Juicy Couture event. I’m an introverted person so it’s been great meeting members whose blogs I read & immediately being able to strike up a conversation with them! The Juicy event was smaller but I felt like I really connected with some great bloggers, which to me is the best part of being in CapFABB.

If you could give any advice to other bloggers what would it be? OR what advice are you looking for from other bloggers? Get inspired by other (bigger) bloggers but don’t compare yourself. It is sometimes frustrating if you think your blog isn’t getting enough views or something doesn’t look quite right. It’s good to learn from other bloggers & use that as motivation but your blog should be something you do for fun. Competing & comparing will block you from having fun!

Tell us about yourself… I was born & raised in the Northern VA area, & am now a high school social studies teacher. I spend my days teaching about government & current events, which is probably why I blog about everything but! This August I’m due with my first child so am excited about having a little yuppie baby & exploring a different side of the DC area. And about fitting into my old wardrobe- I REALLY miss my clothes!

Hidden talent or quirky factoid about yourself… My hidden talent is that I sing- I’ve had years of voice lessons. The only problem is I have horrible stage fright & hate singing in front of people, so those years of lessons are only shown off to a very small group of people!

What is your favorite part about living in DC? All the options to explore. My husband & I are big history buffs so it’s great to have so much history around us. We also love going out to nice dinners or seeing a show at the Kennedy Center. On the otherside you can drive an hour to Virginia wine country or up to Annapolis to be by the water. There are just so many things to do no matter what your interests are or point of your life.

CapFABB Outreach Coordinator

Blogger Spotlight: CapFABB Outreach Coordinator

We have added new leadership to CapFABB and we are SO excited to introduce them to you in our Blogger Spotlight series! Meet Kelsey… our Outreach Coordinator!

Blog Name: The Capital Barbie
Blog URL: http://thecapitalbarbie.blogspot.com
Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/keheinze
Twitter URL: https://twitter.com/keheinze
Where are you located? Logan Circle
What type of blogger are you? Fashion with some food on Fridays.


Tell us a bit about your blog (and how long you have been blogging): TCB was born in 2010 when I wanted to keep my creative juices flowing even though I had entered the 9-5 world. I thought I could help a lot of women by sharing clothing and accessories that were under $100, because, let’s be honest, paying rent and eating is kind of important. The blog showcases trends, styles, how tos, and more all without breaking the budget.

How long have you been a CapFABB member and what is your favorite CapFABB memory? I’ve been a CapFabb member for more than a year. My favorite memory was meeting a fellow blogger in person that I had originally only known online. We shared our love of 9:30 Club dance parties. From then on, I knew I could find some fabulous women in this group.

If you could give any advice to other bloggers what would it be? OR what advice are you looking for from other bloggers? Schedule your posts ahead of time! I block out a chunk of time on Sundays and just get to it. I also keep a list of topic ideas in my phone so I can easily add to them when I get inspiration. Looking at a blank compose screen is no fun. Set yourself up for success!

Tell us about yourself… I’m originally from Philadelphia and I went to GW and just stuck around after graduation. I work in the association world doing member engagement and social media-ness. When I’m not 9-5ing you can find me with my dog, Norman. He’s two years old and awesome.

Hidden talent or quirky factoid about yourself… I rode horses competitively for 16 years.

What is your favorite part about living in DC? The food! Oh man do I love this town. You can find delicious cheap food, fancy food, hangover food, brunch food, date night food, anywhere! I love to try new restaurants but I always go back to my favorites like Posto on 14th Street.

CapFABB Outreach Coordinator

Blogger Spotlight: CapFABB Director of Public Relations

We have added new leadership to CapFABB and we are SO excited to introduce them to you in our Blogger Spotlight series! Up first, Manoucheka, our Director of Public Relations!

Blog Name: Colour Me Glam
Blog URL: www.colourmeglam.com
Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/colourme.glam
Twitter URL: https://twitter.com/colourmeglam
Where are you located? Washington, DC
What type of blogger are you? Beauty/Lifestyle/ Fashion