Blogger Spotlight: Pich & Roor

Today’s featured blogger is the lovely Waverly of Pich & Roor. Take it away, Waverly!

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Tell us a bit about your blog (and how long you have been blogging):

I started my blog back in December of 2010, it’s crazy to think that these past 3 years of blogging have gone by so fast! I guess it’s only natural that a fashion website inspired me to create a “fashion” (food/diy/random) blog as I’m sure is the case with many bloggers. Back in 2010 I would spend nearly every evening scouring the website checking out the newest looks that had been posted & getting totally inspired. Most of the popular looks that were posted were connected to fashion blogs which I really enjoyed reading & got me to thinking that hey this is something I could totally do! I’m pretty bad at posting regularly, but I have some exciting moving plans coming up which should result in a lot more posts!

How long have you been a CapFABB member and what is your favorite CapFABB memory?

I’ve been a CapFABB member since Aug of 2011 when I went to my first CapFABB meet-up at Violet boutique. It’s so funny to look back at this post recapping my first event, because many of the ladies I met that night have become some of my closest friends. It’s hard to pick one favorite memory, but I think that my favorite thing about CapFABB has been getting to meet so many phenomenal ladies who not only have a killer sense of fashion, but are also some of the nicest and most talented people I’ve ever met .. & I get to call them my friends :)

If you could give any advice to other bloggers what would it be? OR what advice are you looking for from other bloggers?

I don’t have any ground breaking advice for other bloggers other than make sure to stay true to yourself & your personal beliefs, don’t conform just to gain new followers. Also, to make sure that you’re being present in the moment, it’s ok to put down your iphone & upload your foodie instagram post later so that you can focus on your convo with your friend (I’m speaking to myself too)!

Tell us about yourself…

I’ll give you the basics first — age 24, married, work for a police department, midwestern transplant, permanent travel itch, foodie, chatterbox, foul mouth, jokester, extrovert, & next Fall I will be a college graduate… finally!!

Hidden talent or quirky factoid about yourself…

Ohhh gosh this question reminds me of my childhood when guests would come over & my Mom would ask me to draw animals to show them my “talent”, the only thing is that I CAN’T draw so they were hideous & the only way you’d know what type of animal is was would be if I told you. Back to the question at hand, I’d say my talent is that I’m really good at reenacting moments from my life that were very dull/pointless and finding a way to make them extremely dramatic & funny aka it’s the closest I’ll ever get to the big screen (thanks to my friends who put up with this).

What is your favorite part about living in DC?

I live right outside of DC, but I still get to enjoy it regularly and absolutely love having such a diverse bustling city right in my backyard. I really enjoy just walking around and taking everything in as well as exploring new restaurants, particularly bottomless brunch spots!

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Pich & Roor
Pich & Roor on Facebook
Pich & Roor on Twitter

Where are you located? College Park, MD but in a few short months I will be a New Yorker :)
What type of blogger are you? Ohh gosh, ehh lifestyle I guess. I love cooking so I do a food post every Tuesday, along with sporadic outfit posts, & fun little D.I.Y.s every once in a while.

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Blogger Spotlight: Ashley in DC

Today’s featured blogger is the lovely Ashley of Ashley in DCTake it away, Ashley!
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Tell us a bit about your blog (and how long you have been blogging):
I’ve been blogging since late summer of 2011. I originally intended for the blog to be a way for family and friends back in PA to keep up with our new life in DC, but now it has a little of everything: fashion, trends, shopping guides, sale guides, photography, events around DC, etc.

How long have you been a CapFABB member and what is your favorite CapFABB memory?
I’ve been a CapFABB member since fall of 2011. My favorite memories are from the early meet-ups; I met several of the girls who would end up being some of my closest friends now.

If you could give any advice to other bloggers what would it be? OR what advice are you looking for from other bloggers?
To other bloggers: don’t do what everyone else is doing! Connect with other bloggers around you whenever you can. Don’t compare yourself to others.

Tell us about yourself…
I’m originally from PA. I manage the affiliate marketing campaigns for fashion brands during the day and I work on my blog at night. I’m a self-proclaimed ‘crazy cat lady’. I love hosting get-togethers for friends and I love trying new restaurants around DC.

Hidden talent or quirky factoid about yourself…
One of my first jobs in high school was in a potato factory. I would stand along an assembly line wearing my oldest clothes and gloves, picking out the rotten potatoes that would come along. Très fashionable. ;)

What is your favorite part about living in DC?
There’s so much that this area has to offer; a booming restaurant scene, tons of culture and history, free museums, shopping, etc. I especially love being around the monuments at night. The only thing I DON’T like about living in DC is the traffic!

ashley in dc 1
DC Metro
What type of blogger are you?
I classify myself as a ‘fashion and lifestyle’ blogger.


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Local Spotlight: Numari


This week, CapFABB sat down with PR Director Kaitlynn Hendricks of local design house Numari to talk style and fashion.

CapFABB: How did you come up with the name Numari and what does it mean?
Numari: Numari is a mashup of an Indian word that means “wardrobe”, and an adaptation of the word “new.” We’ve put these concepts together in our creative inspiration for a “new wardrobe.” Our vision for this “new wardrobe” is not only the fun and freshness of having new garments, but in bringing an entirely new kind of garment — custom fit. Numari engages existing, coveted designer labels and brings their designs to the consumer with each garment custom-created to fit her body like a glove, and at the same price you’d find off the rack.

CapFABB: Have you always been interested in fashion?
Numari: Personally, it took me until years into adolesence to enjoy fashion, because it was such a struggle to find something that really fit and flattered me. My body didn’t fit into most of the clothes I tried. I often spent hours in the dressing room, fuming that I wasn’t “normal,” but that’s the thing. No one’s body is “normal.” Standard sizing and off-the-rack design is just that — standard, or generic. It took me time to find my voice and understand my body so that I knew what worked for my unique needs. Once I understood myself and how to better express my own point of view, I really fell in love with fashion, and its been my number one guilty pleasure ever since!
CapFABB: What made you want to start your own line?
Numari: Our founders, Arti Anand and Komal Kushalraj developed the concept together through conversations about their love for fashion and experience with standard-sizing fit issues. The fit issues that come with standard-sizing are so rampant that they’re just expected — most women just deal with the frustration, or think there is something wrong with their body because there hasn’t been a good solution. Arti and Komal had the style and intellectual resources to address this huge problem which everyone can relate to, so they decided to do something about it. Now here we are with an amazing solution just a few months later!

CapFABB: What is your ultimate goal for Numari?
Numari: The grand vision is to provide the equivalent of a department store, but where every garment can be custom-created to fit each individual person. We have the system in place to do it, its just a matter of scaling up and engaging more designers to produce lines for us. Numari is also about innovation and thought leadership. We’ve paired our fashion brand with a digital online magazine, En Route, as a way to express our uniquely feminine voice that says you can be devastatingly gorgeous and smart at the same time.

CapFABB: What do you like most about being a designer in the DC area?
Numari: DC is a city of intellectuals and networkers — people who are incredibly resourceful and driven. Addressing problems and issues on a global-scale is commonplace. The creative class that exists here isn’t as well known as federal Washington, but the cross section of the two seems to be emerging more and more, especially in startups and local business. We’re taking on a HUGE issue. Amidst this growing energy, we’ve found a welcome springboard to launch NUMARI, both in behind-the-scenes business development and great initial clients.
CapFABB: DC is not known for being a fashion capital, did you ever have any reservations about being based here?
 Numari: Absolutely not. Historically, I’d say that DC’s lack of fashion-savvy comes with its need to be taken professionally seriously. It seems as though in the past, people have been afraid that anything other than a bland suit and flats would make them seem vapid or maybe trail outside party-lines. My favorite part of the NUMARI brand is rejecting the false-dichotomy that says brains and beauty don’t go together. Being exceptionally well-dressed and styled is actually a huge professional and social advantage, and I think DC is learning to embrace the benefits of good style.

CapFABB: What are your thoughts on style in DC?
Numari: Fashion is about expressing a point of view, and in many ways, I’m not sure the District really knows itself. It’s an incredibly transient city, but it’s also an incredibly and internationally well-connected city. We have all kinds of amazing, global flavor coming in and out, but much less solidarity. Locally, a cohesive identity doesn’t get developed or expressed very well or often. DC has amazing elements to its culture, but it needs to develop its voice.

CapFABB: If you had to give one piece of fashion advice what would it be?
Numari: Fashion has an often subtly realized but very prevalent effect on everything else you do. Your clothes speak about who you think you are — what you’re doing, where you’re going. Being well put-together is often seen as vain, but for me, its a sign of respect for yourself, and for the people you represent and interact with.  A well-fitting garment, both in terms of design and actual fit, speaks volumes about all of these things without you ever having to say a word. Think about how it felt the last time you put on a new garment that was perfect for you and what you were doing. There is a surprising amount of power and joy in fashion. NUMARI wants women to take hold of that and wield it well. So we’re bringing them not just a new wardrobe, but  a new kind of wardrobe — custom fit.

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Blogger Spotlight: Healthfully Ever After

Today’s featured blogger is the lovely Carlene of Healthfully Ever After. Carlene’s actually your go-to gal for diet planning, pre-wedding healthiness, and all sorts of other healthy living ideas – take it away, Carlene!


What type of blogger are you? 
I would classify myself as a lifestyle blogger. There’s a ton of food… but recently outfits (YIKES! Scary for me.). 

Tell us a bit about your blog (and how long you have been blogging):
I’ve been blogging for more than 2.5 years now. Originally the blog started as a way for me to track my time as a dietetic intern (kind of like mini-med school for dietitians). But you know a blog never stays the way it started. So then it became food… but my love of clothes and entertaining bubbled up to the point where early in 2013 it fully became a lifestyle blog. And only recently I’ve started posting outfits. As it stands now it’s healthy recipes, favorite products, outfits and soon posts about renovating our 1890′s Victorian house.

How long have you been a CapFABB member and what is your favorite CapFABB memory?
I became a CAPFABB member in early 2013 and I was beyond excited when I found it. For so long, I had no idea there were so many other bloggers in the DC metro area. My favorite memory so far was the sneak peak at the documentary ” The Tents” about NYFW.

If you could give any advice to other bloggers what would it be? OR what advice are you looking for from other bloggers? 
Don’t develop a case of comparitis. I definitely had my times where I felt so inadequate seeing other bloggers and their crazy successes. But the reality is, you only see the highlight reel of another blogger, you have no idea how long it took or the tears that were shed. So just do you, and do it well. 

Tell us about yourself… 
I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist who works with brides (hence Healthfully Ever After), does recipe development, communications… and a ton of other things. But I wouldn’t trade the craziness for anything. I love being in private practice/consulting! I have an obsession with British humor novels and sitcoms (eg. Black Adder, P.G. Wodehouse). And my husband and I have a few fur children who are spoiled rotten. 

Hidden talent or quirky factoid about yourself… 
In middle school and high school I did archery and trained with a past olympian. That’s right- in pre-Katniss years. Also I am terrified of snakes in the wild. In a zoo? We’re cool.

What is your favorite part about living in DC? 
I don’t live in DC but I’m a born and raised Northern Virginia girl. I feel so thankful that I grew up in such a culturally rich area where museums, historic buildings and so much history in general is so close. I also love that there is so much natural beauty so close to the city in the form of horse farms and vineyards.


Healthfully Ever After
Healthfully Ever After on Facebook
Healthfully Ever After on Twitter
Where are you located? Loudoun County, VA


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Local Shop Spotlight: Karma Beauty Lounge

Erwin Gomez and Sab Shad

Last week, we showcased the charming Zoe Boutique in Alexandria, and this week, Karma Beauty Lounge!

Karma Beauty Lounge is one of the premier salons in DC. Owned by Erwin Gomez and Sab Shad, the salon features some of the most luxurious services in the city — let’s learn more!

CapFABB: Sab, Erwin, what made you decide to open Karma Lounge?

Erwin & Sab: We established KARMA by Erwin Gomez for the purpose of bringing the DC Metro area a luxurious salon and spa that offers a variety of services performed by some of DC’s most highly trained experts with both technical and artistic abilities. We wanted to create a salon and spa that gave guests that wow effect, ensuring their satisfaction and need to come back again and again. Lastly, we aspired to provide Washingtonians with the area’s most highly skilled artists to performing the latest hair and makeup styles, as well as providing the latest spa technologies and unique services.

CapFABB: What is the most popular service at Karma?

Erwin & Sab: There is no singular popular service at KARMA, as our salon’s eyebrow, make up, and hair services are all equally popular. However, at KARMA by Erwin Gomez we consistently strive to provide our guests the best of every service we perform. In fact, KARMA is also starting to become known throughout the DC Metropolitan area for its skincare and nail services, as shown by the Washingtonian this year!

CapFABB: Erwin, what made you decide to start a makeup line?

Erwin & Sab: It’s always been a dream of mine! After working with all of the major high-end cosmetic lines, and dedicating many years to working with and understanding the components of makeup, I recognized the importance of using high quality cosmetic products for makeup applications.

After years of research and experience using other cosmetic lines, I understood what was necessary for developing a line of high performance makeup. Today, my dream has become a reality, as I just recently launched Erwin Gomez Cosmetics.

The best thing about my new cosmetics line is that it truly complements every skin tone and type. My reasoning behind this is that many of the guests I serve at KARMA and nationally are quite diverse, which inspired me to create a product that would make each and every one of them look radiant and beautiful.

CapFABB: Erwin, have you always wanted to be a makeup artist?

Erwin: Yes, since I was 16 years old, I knew I wanted to be a makeup artist.

Erwin - Doing make up at KARMA

CapFABB: Erwin, what drew you to the beauty industry?

Erwin: Growing up, I found the creative aspects of both the fashion and beauty industries extremely interesting and inspiring. Although both industries captured my attention, I was more fascinated by the beauty industry because of the more fun and challenging aspects makeup has to offer. I constantly get to work with a diverse group of people with different skin tones, facial features, and challenging styling suggestions, making each and every day different and that much more exciting!

CapFABB: Sab, you worked at Red Door Spa, did you have any hesitation about opening your own salon?

Sab: Not at all. Before opening KARMA by Erwin Gomez, I had extensive experience in both the beauty and luxury industries, serving as the Regional Vice President for Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa’s where I was responsible for the management of more than $30 million in assets, as well as consulting for Ritz Carlton and Trump Brands. With these past experiences, I felt confident in my abilities to partner in this business and successfully open a salon and spa with Erwin. Most importantly, I was super excited about this opportunity, as I would be going into business with a close friend and colleague. Erwin & I both worked together at Red Door Spa together for nearly a decade and found that we complemented each other very well.

CapFABB: Erwin, do you think there is a difference between being a makeup artist in DC vs. NYC?

Erwin: No, definitely not! I have had extensive experience styling makeup for celebrities such as Jennifer Garner, Rosario Dawson, and Eva Longoria, as well as for high profile charity events and runway shows in both DC and New York. What I found to be most important is a makeup artist’s ability to be open to an individual’s personal sense of style, as well as his or her capability to perform the latest styles and trends. I can assure customers who come to KARMA that they will receive services just as good if not better than any salon in New York.


1104 24th St NW, Washington, DC 20037
(202) 293-3333

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