Event Recap: Karma & CapFABB Blogger Bash


On January 29, the Karma Beauty Lounge hosted an intimate evening of pampering at the salon in Foggy Bottom. Approximately 25 beauty and fashion bloggers gathered at the salon for a pre-Valentine’s Day bash that featured a blow dry tutorial station, eyebrow bar with celebrity makeup artist Erwin Gomez, an oxygen booster skin bar,  and a champagne nail treatment.

Thanks to Karma Beauty Lounge, Unite, Intraceuticals and Bake Shop this beauty bash was such a success. Stay tuned for more upcoming CapFABB events as our leadership team continues to pursue not only exciting large-scale events, but also some smaller-scale events targeted around bloggers of specific niches and audiences. And as always, please let us know if there’s a particular event style you’d like to see out of CabFABB as we’re always looking to grow and improve!

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Want to get in on Karma’s amazing services before Valentine’s Day?  Check out the menu of fabulous services the participants were lucky enough to experience!

Personalized Blow Dry Class – ($125)

Eyebrow Bar with Erwin Gomez & Protégés – ($45-$75 with Erwin)

Intraceuticals Oxygen Skin Booster Bar – ($55)

Champagne Hand Treatment & Vinylux Polish ($20)

Karma Beauty Lounge
1104 24th ST NW
Washington, DC 20037

Photography by Reginald Earl Castillo

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Local Spotlight: Skin Beauty Lounge

This past week, we had an opportunity to meet Meka Mathis, owner of Skin Beauty Lounge in Capitol Hill. This cozy boutique is one of a handful spas in the area and we were so excited to learn more about the biz.

CapFABB: What made you start a beauty lounge?
Meka Mathis: Capitol Hill needed a boutique spa that offered skin care with results.  Most Capitol Hiller’s are brand loyal and patronize businesses in their community.  My spa was the first to offer airbrush tanning and eyelash extensions in Capitol Hill.  Most of the beauty trends start in California and then trickle to the East Coast.  We are always researching the current beauty trends and attending spa/beauty shows.  And we then look forward to introducing the latest spa treatments to Capitol Hill.

CapFABB: What can customers expect when they enter the beauty lounge?
Meka Mathis: A welcoming environment with a lavender essence in the air.  We always have fresh flowers, as well as coffee, tea, or wine for our clients.  The spa manager, Erica, is always happy and chats with the clients informing them of the new products or promotions.
headshot 5

CapFABB: When it comes to beauty, what is your number one rule?
Meka Mathis: Do not cut corners.  We are often visited by clients that went to another spa and were dissatisfied.  They seek us out to fix the troubles that they had a spa that had a less expensive price.

CapFABB: What is one spa service women should make a regular part of their routine?
Meka Mathis: Facials are one service that women should incorporate in the beauty regime every four to six weeks.  Facials help renew and purify your skin as well as promote cell turnover. During the facial our esthetician performs a skin analysis and recommends the best facial for the client’s skin type and concern.

CapFABB: Tell us about the lash extension services at Skin Beauty Lounge?
Meka Mathis: The client starts with a consultation to determine what type of look she desires. The best set of lashes are 60 individual lashes per eye.  During this process your eyelids are closed and protected by eye pads.  Paula, our lashologist, uses tweezers and applies individual lashes to the eyelash with medical adhesive.  This process take about two hours.  After your lashes are completed you are given a lash instruction card for the “do’s” and “don’ts’.”

CapFABB: How do you think DC stacks up when it comes to beauty and style?
Meka Mathis: DC is progressing.  Most Washingtonian are conservative and like a polished look with a touch of glam.  Our most requested service is the Brazilian bikini wax.  Who would have thought since we are such a conservative city?

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Blogger Spotlight: Currently Coveting

Today’s featured blogger is the lovely Erin of Currently Coveting. Take it away, Erin!

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 10.15.38 PM

Tell us a bit about your blog (and how long you have been blogging):

I started “Currently Coveting” in 2010 because I consider myself a girl with many creative hobbies and I was starved for an outlet for them after college when I entered the mundane workforce. My site has really been a fun way for me to stay excited about life as an adult. In the very beginning, its purpose was to document all the details of parties I was throwing myself into planning. Now, the content is mainly fashion and food focused. I really enjoy having a place to put the bits of what I consider “sparkle” from my life into the spotlight.

How long have you been a CapFABB member and what is your favorite CapFABB memory?

I have been a CapFABB member for about a year and a half and I think my favorite memory would have to be the Rent the Runway event last July. I met so many great bloggers there!

If you could give any advice to other bloggers what would it be? OR what advice are you looking for from other bloggers?

It would be to stay true to yourself. It’s easy to lose your voice and personal preferences in the sea of perfectly Pinterest-y blogs out there.

Tell us about yourself…

I was born a Jersey girl but now live in Arlington, VA. I worked briefly as a makeup artist for Bobbi Brown before I realized I was uncomfortable completely abandoning my Bachelors of Science, so now I work in the corporate world, which is why most of my outfits showcased here are office appropriate. I don’t consider myself any kind of fashion or cooking expert. I simply showcase what I’m currently cooking, wearing, or “coveting.”

If I had to describe myself in one paragraph it would go something like this: average girl with simple style that loves high heels, baking pretty things for her favorite people, overly obsessed with her cat, lover of any recipe involving cream cheese, girls night aficionado, nail polish & mascara hoarder, craft-doer, holiday enthusiast, great bargain finder, and party planner.

Hidden talent or quirky factoid about yourself…

I love science books, performing rap songs at karaoke bars, and if I could eat jalapeño potato chips with every meal, I would.

What is your favorite part about living in DC?

I love living close enough to a city that is always changing and popping up with new places to try out while still having the comforts of a smaller town where you can walk into your favorite local watering hole and know five people there. The DC area is the best of both worlds!

erins currently coveting

Currently Coveting
Currently Coveting on Facebook 
Currently Coveting on Twitter
Where are you located? Arlington
What type of blogger are you? Fashion & Food

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Blogger Spotlight: Ashley in DC

Today’s featured blogger is the lovely Ashley of Ashley in DCTake it away, Ashley!
Screen shot 2013-12-17 at 9.36.24 AM
Tell us a bit about your blog (and how long you have been blogging):
I’ve been blogging since late summer of 2011. I originally intended for the blog to be a way for family and friends back in PA to keep up with our new life in DC, but now it has a little of everything: fashion, trends, shopping guides, sale guides, photography, events around DC, etc.

How long have you been a CapFABB member and what is your favorite CapFABB memory?
I’ve been a CapFABB member since fall of 2011. My favorite memories are from the early meet-ups; I met several of the girls who would end up being some of my closest friends now.

If you could give any advice to other bloggers what would it be? OR what advice are you looking for from other bloggers?
To other bloggers: don’t do what everyone else is doing! Connect with other bloggers around you whenever you can. Don’t compare yourself to others.

Tell us about yourself…
I’m originally from PA. I manage the affiliate marketing campaigns for fashion brands during the day and I work on my blog at night. I’m a self-proclaimed ‘crazy cat lady’. I love hosting get-togethers for friends and I love trying new restaurants around DC.

Hidden talent or quirky factoid about yourself…
One of my first jobs in high school was in a potato factory. I would stand along an assembly line wearing my oldest clothes and gloves, picking out the rotten potatoes that would come along. Très fashionable. ;)

What is your favorite part about living in DC?
There’s so much that this area has to offer; a booming restaurant scene, tons of culture and history, free museums, shopping, etc. I especially love being around the monuments at night. The only thing I DON’T like about living in DC is the traffic!

ashley in dc 1
DC Metro
What type of blogger are you?
I classify myself as a ‘fashion and lifestyle’ blogger.


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