Local Designer Spotlight: Charmed Boutique

Charmed Boutique is a fashionable, yet affordable and contemporary mobile and online boutique for women, mommies, and little girls offering a variety of styles.  Meet the lovely owner, Savannah Powell.

Where do you get your inspiration?
I get inspiration from EVERYWHERE! I’m also a first grade teacher, so my students inspire me in so many ways. Through their individual personalities and their artwork, I’m always on the hunt for pieces that remind me of them.

When and how did your company come to life?
I had been thinking about opening a boutique for years.  Growing up in a small city in the south, there weren’t too many places I could go to get fun and eclectic or even fashionable pieces at reasonable prices.  When I moved to DC with my husband, I decided it was finally time to bring my constant thoughts to reality.

What’s your ultimate dream for your company?
Ultimately, I would like for Charmed Boutique to be a one stop shop for fashionable yet frugal women and mommies. I ‘m also in the process of adding Charmed Kids for little girls!

What do you sell?
Charmed Boutique offers a culmination of contemporary and past like fashions at very affordable prices. You get high quality boutique pieces without boutique prices.  We offer items for a girls night out, a day at the office as well as for the perfect date night.  We also offer a small selection of eclectic jewelry.

What do you think of the DC Metropolitan Area style?
I absolutely LOVE the DC Metro Area Style. It is so diverse! People aren’t afraid to be daring or step outside the box! It is so different from Mississippi (my hometown)!

Favorite neighborhood/town for shopping:
I don’t really have a favorite neighborhood/town for shopping. You can find me on the hunt any and everywhere! I guess my go to spot would be Georgetown because of its proximity to my home. I love boutique and thrift shopping there!

Favorite fashion blogs:
I’m not a huge blog follower at the moment! But I do occasionally find myself completely immersed in Pinterest!

Where can I find your product?
You can shop Charmed Boutique at www.charmedoneonline.com. You can also find us at many local events.  Be sure to like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/CharmedBoutiqueLLC and Follow us on Twitter www.twitter.com/BoutiqueCharmed for upcoming events, new arrivals, and special promotions!

Interview conducted by Kristine Thomas, founder and owner of DewdropDC. Check out the blog here.

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