iPhone Photo Tips from Ashley In DC

Hey there, CapFABB readers! Ashley from Ashley In DC here to share with you some of my favorite iPhone photography tips!

1. Find an editing app that you love. My favorite is Snapseed and I use it on just about every photo I take, even if it’s just to straighten out a horizon line or pump up my exposure a bit. It’s a great app in the sense that you have full control over what you want to edit… lighting, contrast, saturation, straightening, cropping, you name it.

2. Go filterless on Instagram. I love Valencia as much as the next blogger, but don’t feel the need to apply a filter or frame to every single photo you take. In my opinion, not every photo needs it. Sometimes simple is best and lets your photography really shine through!


3. Get close. Avoid using the zoom on the phone as much as possible. If you can, get physically closer to your subject and then shoot. This will help you avoid blur and grain – unless that’s the look you’re going for! ;)

4. Shoot in multiples. I typically take 2 or 3 shots and use the clearest, sharpest, prettiest photo. (Another hint – hold your breath while taking the photo to keep yourself – and the phone – as still as possible to avoid blur!)


5. Experiment with lighting. Touch different parts of the picture before you take the shot and see what happens. Touching a part of the photo in, say, the foreground can completely change the look of the photo. The lighting will automatically adjust and change things up. (Note – touching different areas of the photo will also adjust the focal points).

6. Have fun with it!


You can catch me on shooting with my iPhone 4 over on Instagram at AshleyInDC.

What’s your go-to method when it comes to phone photography? Share it in the comments!

Thanks for having me, CapFABB!

Ashley is the voice behind the fashion and lifestyle blog Ashley In DC.

4 thoughts on “iPhone Photo Tips from Ashley In DC

  1. andrea nicole says:

    great tips! especially holding your breath and readjusting the focus until you get it right. i hold my breath with my phone the same way i do with my big DSLR. sometimes with the phone, i take a picture four or five times just to make sure i got the shot i wanted.

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