How to whip up a perfect recipe post

Hey CapFABB! This is Nikki Rappaport from the blog Cupcakes for Breakfast!

Every so often, even bloggers who have a specific niche (like fashion) want to explore the “lifestyle” category and share another part of their life. So if you want to start including some recipe posts (or if you already do!), here are just a few tips:

1. Show us in photos


We’ll have a much better idea of the recipe if you show us the dish in photos. Document the cooking process, final product, or your plate before eating. I’m nowhere near being a camera whiz yet, so I still most often use my iPhone to take recipe photos. (The chocolate cake photo above was taken with my iPhone!) The key is natural light and neutral backgrounds.

2. Tell a story


Who did you cook for? Is this an old family recipe? Tell us why you made this particular recipe. Describe how it tastes. Does it remind you of a specific place or time? Food can be such a powerful storyteller so tell us more than just the ingredients. My favorite recipes, like this chocolate soufflé, are my favorite because of the story and people behind it.

3. Read and re-read your recipe


Does it make sense? Could a total stranger follow along and make the same thing? Make sure your measurements, cooking times, and oven temperatures are there.  You don’t need to test your recipes before publishing, but make sure that someone can duplicate it and not be too far off. I’ve had friends duplicate my pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies very easily!

Happy cooking/baking! And don’t forget to share what you whip up with us!

Nikki is the voice behind the lifestyle blog Cupcakes for Breakfast.

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