How can I expect to hear from CapFABB?
Currently, there are three ways we communicate with our members and friends: via our blog, a google group listserv, and a newsletter. Our blog is where we present our group and individual members to the public, through our monthly “Blogger Spotlight,” links to individual member sites, and style challenges, etc. The listserv is a forum for our members to ask questions, post information, and engage in discussion. Any member is welcome to email the group via the listserv. The newsletter is a roundup of the latest news and updates, such as new member introductions, member achievements, and upcoming events, etc. If you would like some information included in the newsletter, please email liz@capfabb.com. If you would like to unsubscribe from the newsletter, there is a link you can click at the bottom of the email.

I get so many emails from the google listserv – what can I do to change that?
We understand, you don’t want your inbox to get filled with hundreds of emails from the lovely CapFABB ladies (no matter how much you love them). The best way to prevent this is to change how you receive emails from this  listserv by going into the Google Group and clicking on the “Edit my membership” or “My membership” link –  there you can choose to receive messages via “digest email,” “abridged email,” or “no email” – you can always check the messages from the Google Group page.

Click image below for larger version!


I want to change the email address I use for CapFABB – what do I do? 
We do not have control over editing your email address, so you will need to leave the group with your old address (see image below) and rejoin with the new email address (apply here).

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When is the next meetup?
You will receive an invitation from Eventbrite when we have finalized plans for the next meetup. You can also keep track of events with our calendar here and by following us on twitter and facebook!

How can I get more involved in CapFABB? 
We encourage you to email info@capfabb.com with any ideas! We are open to guest blog posts and event ideas, along with any other thoughts you might have!

Who else is in CapFABB? 
You can view the majority of our members here!

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