Membership Guidelines

Keeping in mind just a few guidelines will help keep us organized, productive, and achieving our mission to create a community for all DC area fashion and beauty bloggers and our friends to seek greater exposure, collaborations, and education, here are some norms we strive to operate by –

Membership: All DC area fashion and beauty bloggers with a verifiable website are encouraged to become members of the CapFABB community. Instructions on how to join can be found here. Guidelines are below.

  • Blogger must post at least once per month.
  • Blogger must maintain a professional site.
  • Blogger must have at least one blog-focused social media platform.

CapFABB Badge: All members may proudly display any one of the specially designed CapFABB badges (found on the right side of this site) on their websites and in connection with any “CapFABB Sponsored Event” (defined below).

CapFABB Sponsored Event: Each month, CapFABB organizes and sponsors a blogger meet-up. We may also co-sponsor events that align with our mission. If you would like us to consider co-sponsoring an event, or would like to invite the CapFABB group to an event, please contact us. If you are a member, you are free to invite the group to any event via the Google Group listserv.

All events with CapFABB branding /sponsorship must be approved by CapFABB leadership ( Any use of the CapFABB logo should be run by leadership as well. We will be happy to work with you!

CapFABB Publications: Currently, there are three ways we communicate with our members and friends: via our blog, a google group listserv, and a newsletter. Our blog is where we present our group and individual members to the public, through our monthly “Blogger Spotlight,” links to individual member sites, and style challenges, etc. The listserv is a forum for our members to ask questions, post information, and engage in discussion. Any member is welcome to email the group via the listserv. The newsletter is a roundup of the latest news and updates, such as new member introductions, member achievements, and upcoming events, etc. A newsletter from CapFABB leadership will go out weekly. If you would like some information included in the newsletter, please email If you would like to unsubscribe from the newsletter, there is a link you can click at the bottom of the email.

Some advice to consider before posting: don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t say in person. Connect privately before responding publicly. Your posts are a representation of yourself and CapFABB. Any grievances, comments or concerns regarding CapFABB should be directed to

We appreciate your upholding these community guidelines. We also invite you to contact us whenever you see content that violates these guidelines. Thank you for working with us to create a prosperous environment for the CapFABB community!

Think we are missing something? Email us at – we welcome any input or ideas!

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