Nutisystem was started in 1972 by Harold Katz. Presently, it is based in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. Nutrisystem believes in three major ideas for weight loss. They are calorie control, appropriate nutrition and frequent meals. This deadly combination has transformed thousands of people over the past forty five years! Nutrisystem has four major offerings: basic, core, uniquely yours and vegetarian. Hence, people can choose the one which best fits their situation. The ordering and product delivery process also works pretty smoothly. Once can order and pay online for the products. Then, the food and instructions are delivered free of cost by FedEx in a short period of time. This helps people get started with their diets right away!

But they are expensive!

That, we admit, is a valid point. The plans may sound a bit expensive and difficult to afford. But again, which diet plan is not? If one surveys the market well, Nutrisystem is one of the cheapest plans out there! Also, we need to understand that the company has its own costs. It has to spend massively on research and development. It has to hire high caliber dietitians and consultants. Nutrisystem also ensures that its food products are made from 100% original ingredients. And don’t forget the administrative costs of running an unparalleled customer service team. So, even at this price offering, we believe the company deserves a lot of credit.

Nutrisystem Coupons and Promo Codes

Still, it’s is expensive. And we have a solution: Great Nutrisystem promo codes from DEBRA! Yes, these coupons will make your heart skip a beat. Now, there are four major plans available with Nutrisystem: Basic, Core, Uniquely Yours and Vegetarian. The basic plan is priced at $ 423.06 while the core plan costs $ 453.83. Both the Uniquely Yours and Vegetarian ones come at $ 515.37 each. Now, let’s us get down to comprehending how much you can save with our coupons.

For starters, we have a lip smacking offer for you. 47% off on the basic plan (yes! you heard that right). It knocks off around 200 dollars out of your costs and prices the plan at $ 224.99. For the Core plan, we have an equally good offer for you. It takes the price down from $ 453.83 to $ 244.99. This means a savings of 46% or 208$. However, you know that discounts are more attracted to bulk orders. Hence, nothing beats our coupons for Uniquely Yours and Vegetarian plans. We have in store for you savings to the tune of $ 230. That is more than the price of the basic plan! Yes, the costs comes down from $ 515.37 to just $ 284.99. Can things get any better?

Okay, tell me more about the plans.

Nutrisystem Promotion Codes

Yes, good question. The plans are the most important part of the course. So, it is mandatory to understand them well.

  1. Let us start with the Basic one. This plan provides you a 4 week plan with the meals delivered free of cost to your doorstep. Along with the plan, it offers online tracking tools which can be accessed by web browsers or mobile applications. This is really the basic product which Nutrisystem offers. Every plan from here on will build up on it.
  2. The Core plan offers all the features of the basic plan with some additional features. In this plan, you get to choose your own meals. And mind you, Nutrisystem has some of the best dishes on its menu. On top of that, one gets unlimited access to great dietitians and consultants. Their expert guidance will further boost the weight reduction process!
  3. The Uniquely Yours Plan almost gets to pampering you. Never thought you would hear that word in a diet program, right? But, in this plan, Nutrisystem offers you 150 foods to choose from. This is their largest selection of foods and assures a great experience. Moreover, it also includes frozen foods. These are safe and can be consumed anytime you want. All you need is a microwave oven!
  4. Nutrisystem realizes that there might be many vegetarians out there too. In its Vegetarian plan, it includes all the above features. On top of that, there are 90 vegetarian selections to choose from. No doubt, you will be spoilt for choice!

Okay got it. So, what makes nutrisytem great? What are the results one can get?

Nutrisystem does not have a magic wand with it. It works on the principles of natural logic. As mentioned above, Nutrisystem functions on three elements: controlled calories, balanced nutrition and frequent meals.

To reduce weight, one has to control the amount of calories one takes in. Nutrisystem asks you a number of questions regarding your work schedule. It then comes up with the right amount of calories you can intake in a day. However, often eating less leads to undernourishment and weakness. Here, Nutrisystem ensures that the food products it offers have a balanced blend of nutrients. Hence, the body gets all essential elements it needs to sustain a healthy life. With this combination, it adds the concept of frequent meals. This makes the stomach churn regularly and the body gets a consistent flow of essentials. It is this lethal combination which produces great results!

Typically, Nutrisystem suggests that one can lose 1-2 lbs in one week and around 8 lbs per month. However, in reality, we have usually seen people lose much more weight during the same period of time.