Blogger Spotlight: Pich & Roor

Today’s featured blogger is the lovely Waverly of Pich & Roor. Take it away, Waverly!

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Tell us a bit about your blog (and how long you have been blogging):

I started my blog back in December of 2010, it’s crazy to think that these past 3 years of blogging have gone by so fast! I guess it’s only natural that a fashion website inspired me to create a “fashion” (food/diy/random) blog as I’m sure is the case with many bloggers. Back in 2010 I would spend nearly every evening scouring the website checking out the newest looks that had been posted & getting totally inspired. Most of the popular looks that were posted were connected to fashion blogs which I really enjoyed reading & got me to thinking that hey this is something I could totally do! I’m pretty bad at posting regularly, but I have some exciting moving plans coming up which should result in a lot more posts!

How long have you been a CapFABB member and what is your favorite CapFABB memory?

I’ve been a CapFABB member since Aug of 2011 when I went to my first CapFABB meet-up at Violet boutique. It’s so funny to look back at this post recapping my first event, because many of the ladies I met that night have become some of my closest friends. It’s hard to pick one favorite memory, but I think that my favorite thing about CapFABB has been getting to meet so many phenomenal ladies who not only have a killer sense of fashion, but are also some of the nicest and most talented people I’ve ever met .. & I get to call them my friends :)

If you could give any advice to other bloggers what would it be? OR what advice are you looking for from other bloggers?

I don’t have any ground breaking advice for other bloggers other than make sure to stay true to yourself & your personal beliefs, don’t conform just to gain new followers. Also, to make sure that you’re being present in the moment, it’s ok to put down your iphone & upload your foodie instagram post later so that you can focus on your convo with your friend (I’m speaking to myself too)!

Tell us about yourself…

I’ll give you the basics first — age 24, married, work for a police department, midwestern transplant, permanent travel itch, foodie, chatterbox, foul mouth, jokester, extrovert, & next Fall I will be a college graduate… finally!!

Hidden talent or quirky factoid about yourself…

Ohhh gosh this question reminds me of my childhood when guests would come over & my Mom would ask me to draw animals to show them my “talent”, the only thing is that I CAN’T draw so they were hideous & the only way you’d know what type of animal is was would be if I told you. Back to the question at hand, I’d say my talent is that I’m really good at reenacting moments from my life that were very dull/pointless and finding a way to make them extremely dramatic & funny aka it’s the closest I’ll ever get to the big screen (thanks to my friends who put up with this).

What is your favorite part about living in DC?

I live right outside of DC, but I still get to enjoy it regularly and absolutely love having such a diverse bustling city right in my backyard. I really enjoy just walking around and taking everything in as well as exploring new restaurants, particularly bottomless brunch spots!

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Pich & Roor
Pich & Roor on Facebook
Pich & Roor on Twitter

Where are you located? College Park, MD but in a few short months I will be a New Yorker :)
What type of blogger are you? Ohh gosh, ehh lifestyle I guess. I love cooking so I do a food post every Tuesday, along with sporadic outfit posts, & fun little D.I.Y.s every once in a while.

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Local Shop Spotlight: Zoe Boutique


Susan Gerock is the owner of Zoe Boutique

CapFABB: When did you open Zoe Boutique?

Susan: I opened Zoe Boutique in April 2011 following a year of research and planning.

CapFABB: Have you always been interested in fashion?

Susan: Although my career path had not been in fashion, I have loved beautiful clothing and boutique shopping for as long as I can remember!  Growing up, I lived in a small town and the only places to shop for clothing were small, independently owned boutiques.  And I started reading Vogue at the age of nine!

CapFABB: Are you interested in designing your own line?

Susan: Sigh — there is such a difference between interest and talent!  I wish I had the creative gifts and skills of a designer.  I have so much admiration for what they do and it is like meeting a rock star when I do meet them at the apparel markets.

CapFABB: What is your process for selecting the items for the boutique?

Susan: I have always said that the buying process is the most fun and most frightening thing I do.  I really listen to my customers — that they want bra-friendly items, that they like clothing made in the US, that they want some dresses with sleeves!  I typically go to New York for the apparel markets and then do a follow-up trip to see additional lines in the “large” buying seasons of Spring and Fall.

CapFABB: Do you have a style icon?

Susan: My ultimate style icon is my mother.  She worked in a professional setting back when many women did not and she was always dressed impeccably!  As far as a more modern day style icon, I would have to say Kate Hudson.  I love how she combines a feminine, bohemian vibe to her outfits and just always looks so supremely comfortable in what she wears.

CapFABB: What is the most important piece of clothing a woman should own?

Susan: That’s a tough one.  And my answer might surprise you.  I think a perfect fitting, comfortable pair of denim is the most important piece of clothing a woman should own.  Because it can be worn almost anywhere and can make you feel fantastic!

CapFABB: What do you think about style in DC?

Susan: I think that style has come a long way in DC since I moved here in 1988.   We are still a relatively conservative town in terms of our dress but I’m seeing more and more people break away from the “uniform” or need to sport a logo to really dressing for themselves and their personal sense of style.  It is definitely something we encourage at Zoe!


130 S Union St, Alexandria, VA 22314
(571) 970-6324

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Local Spotlight: Style-House

CapFABB: What made you start Style-House?
Style-House: It was always difficult for me to find the perfect accessory to complete my outfit of choice. At that time I was into vintage earrings like the kind your grandmother would wear, but I could not find them anywhere. So one day I decided to just make them. I took buttons off of old sweaters and shirts and transformed them into earrings, and from there I started Style-House.

CapFABB: How did you come up with the name?
Style-House: Owning a hair salon and a clothing boutique was always a dream of mine. So I had this idea to create an all-in-one fashion shop, which included a boutique with stylist, a beauty salon, and makeup booths. This was a one-stop-shop for fashion. It was literally a Style-House. A place to go to get all your fashion needs, whether it was a day for yourself or a night out on the town, you would have all elements right in the same facility.
CapFABB: How did you get started?
Style-House: I started just making button earrings for myself and  receive so much attention from them. People wanted to know where I was getting them from. When I told people that I hand-made them I was getting requests left and right. So one day I decided I should start selling them, and since that day I never stopped.
CapFABB: Have you always been interested in fashion?
Style-House: I have always been interested in fashion. Growing up I would always love to dress up and put together my own outfits. I always had a love for bold colors and prints and was inspired by the talented Emilio Pucci.
CapFABB: How do you get inspiration for new pieces?
Style-House: Music and cultures inspire the creation of new pieces. My designs have a lot of African and Native influences. The beauty in the patterns, prints, and colors inspire me to create bold/fun statement pieces.
CapFABB: What is a trend that you are loving right now?
Style-House: I am stuck between two current trend right now. My pattern trend is chevron. It just adds so much character to a design. And my fashion trend is the athletic/sporty chic look. I love the masculinity in the style and it’s fun!

CapFABB: What is a staple in your wardrobe?
Style-House: I cannot live without a blazer.

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Local Spotlight: Rosies and Rockers


This week’s spotlight is with Mateen Khan, at the trendy boutique Rosies and Rockers.

CapFABB: What made you start Rosies and Rockers?

Mateen Khan: Throughout high school and college, I remember being able to buy random brands off New York City streets that had a uniqueness to them. Each purchase had a look of its own and when paired with things in your wardrobe, created an image of who you were. As I got older, I’ve started to realized that this uniqueness isn’t available to us any longer. As adults, we are forced into certain molds We have a number of brands that focus on us, but what we don’t have is a brand that can bring that youthful carefree image back into our lives. After all, those where some of the best times! The concept of Rosies and Rockers is simple: punk up your daily look with one or more of our pieces. Reconnect with that youthful side. It’s about individualistic expression.


CapFABB: How did you come up with the name?

Rosies and Rockers: The word “Rosies” is from the icon Rosie the Riveter who encompassed the concept of feminismand empowerment and “Rocker” simply put, is the carefree spirit all of us were born with. I felt like it would also serve as a clear indication that we catered to both Women and Men.


CapFABB: Have you always been interested in fashion?

Rosies and Rockers: Absolutely. I’ve been in fashion for a decade now. I went from fashion management, to buying andthen finally to design. Over the years, the knowledge that I’ve learned and, the mentors that I’ve worked with, have been monumental in shaping my career and inspired me to open this space.


CapFABB: How would you describe the clothes found in Rosies & Rockers?

Rosies and Rockers: Glam Punk. The pieces we sell can be layered, paired, and mixed with existing items in your closet. An example would be every girl has a black dress, well you can find a jacket, accessory or bag that will make it pop beautifully. Something to make your look a bit more edgy.


CapFABB: DC is known for being very conservative. How does Rosies & Rockers break the mold?

Rosies and Rockers: I think the most important factor about D.C is the history of the area that the store is located on. U Street has always been the rebel street, and although things have changed in the last 10 years or so, you can still see the vibrant, different demographics that walk through it. There are so many communities that share similar interests in this city, but what ends up happening is if your not emerged into that culture you’re unaware of it. I’m simply putting a face to it by introducing Rosiesand Rockers. I honestly don’t feel like I’ll break any molds, but what I do feel like I am achieving is providing people with an alternative option to all these major and mass produced items we are so used to buying.


CapFABB: What is your favorite trend right now?

Rosies and Rockers: For men, I’m really loving the whole shorts and blazer look. It’s such a rockstar thing to do! It’s almost like saying, well I kind of dressed up. Just love it. Another being the printed pants is actually quite amazing, but I don’t see how that would translate well into street wear. I really hope that men catch onto that trend secretly though.

For women, the moto leather jacket over a day dress. So refreshing to see two opposites put together to create dramatic and striking looks. Baseball hats for women have always been on the top of my list and this year for spring they seemed to have finally caught on.


CapFABB: What is a staple in your wardrobe?

Rosies and Rockers: My wardrobe has a very high turnaround rate, probably because being in fashion, I strive to stay as current as possible. But there are a number of pieces tucked away that only come out during special occasions. One of my favorite pieces is a YSL trench coat with leather panels. Beautifully made. It was a limited edition piece and I had to trick a sales clerk into selling it to me (lol).  I think you can always expect me to show up dressed with one of these two thing

IMG_1935_out IMG_1936

Local Spotlight: The Spa Room

waiting area

Being a busy blogger and working a full-time job can lead to a life filled with stress. One way to get through that stress and find inner peace is at the The Spa Room, a cozy utopia in Tenleytown that urges you to relax and take a deep breath. CapFABB had the great fortune of interviewing the salon’s owner Mary Szegda. Take a peek!

CapFABB: What made you want to start The Spa Room?
Mary Szegda: The Spa Room was inspired by a desire to create a healing space where people could trust in the integrity of the massage and bodywork, but also just feel comfortable being themselves. The authentic meaning of the word “spa” refers to a place in nature where people come together to participate in wellness practices. My dream for The Spa Room was to provide a place where people could experience that authentic essence of spa without leaving the city.

CapFABB: What is the most popular offering in the Spa Room?
Mary Szegda: Our returning clients generally schedule the 50-minute customized massage. They love the fact that they can schedule a length of time and their therapist will customize their session to suit their specific needs that day. As clients return to The Spa Room, they become more educated and begin to request subtle techniques like Reiki, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, and Myo-Fascial Release during their sessions. The Hotstone Massage with Wild Rose Facial cleanse is our most popular service when people want to feel pampered.

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CapFABB: What is your number one piece of advice to people before heading to the spa for a massage?
Mary Szegda: It’s a good idea for people to be active participants in their own wellness. Sometimes people think of massage as a very passive experience where they come to a session and the massage therapist “makes them feel better.” Ideally, massage and bodywork sessions have the best results when goals are well defined and the client is open to trying new techniques.

CapFABB: What is your philosophy on health and wellness?
Mary Szegda: Generally I believe in the wisdom of your body and your nervous system. When you are relaxed, centered and grounded living a healthy lifestyle is easy, because what is unhealthy doesn’t feel good. Unfortunately most of us are taught from a very young age to ignore our instincts and our stressful lives leave us depleted. In this state, it’s difficult to distinguish between what is and isn’t good for us.

The path to a balanced life is to cultivate the tools and practices that will allow you to get in touch with your true self. From there, things like nutrition, healthy communication, and stress management will fall into place. This philosophy is heavily influenced by my studies of mindfulness, yoga, and most recently, introduction to Ayurveda. It’s a simple philosophy in concept — but implementing it can be a challenge!
treatment room

CapFABB: How often would you recommend that someone get a massage?
Mary Szegda: The healthiest massage routine would include a weekly session. It’s very important to mindfully rest and detoxify your body regularly — both of which can be accomplished through massage and other forms of bodywork. Because of time and other constraints many of our clients come monthly or every six weeks. In an effort to give people the tools to make massage part of their daily life we teach a class called Massage 101 where we teach the basic tools necessary to give a good relaxation massage. You would be impressed at how much people learn in just 90 minutes.

product shelves

CapFABB: The Spa Room is such a cozy space, was that top goal when designing the space?
Mary Szegda: Our goal was to create an environment where every client could feel comfortable letting down their guard and just be themselves. We wanted it to feel like your living room. To that end, we focused on keeping most of the décor neutral and earthy, with small pops of greens and yellows.

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Event Recap: CapFABB’s 3rd Anniversary Bash with Capwell+Co!

In only three short years, the Capital Area Fashion and Beauty Bloggers (CapFABB) has become the largest blogger network in the DC area! To celebrate this momentous occasion, CapFABB partnered with jewelry company Capwell+Co for an amazing anniversary blogger bash at Dirty Martini Lounge in Dupont.

We dined on tasty small bites, wine, and cocktails, but the real winner of the evening was being treated to some luxe arm charm courtesy of Capwell+Co. CapFABBers absolutely flipped for the bracelet bar where guests were welcomed to choose from a wide array of Capwell’s amazing baubles.

Take a look at the night’s highlights!


CapFABB founders Lacey & Liz

IMG_0101IMG_0065 IMG_0091 IMG_0090 IMG_0089  IMG_0085 IMG_0083 IMG_0080

IMG_0086IMG_0079  IMG_0074 IMG_0067 IMG_0066  IMG_0064

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Bb.U Model Project | Free Blowouts!

Hi there, CapFABBers! Just wanted to pop over on this sunny Saturday morning to share a fun opportunity in the area that might just appeal to some of our beauty- and hair-obsessed members…


For those of you who call Bethesda home — or want to spend a leisurely morning or afternoon up in MD — Bumble and bumble is holding a styling class at The Shop Salon in Bethesda as part of their Bumble and bumble. UNIVERSITY Model Project.

The styling academy is seeking female hair models to participate on Saturday, March 9, and Sunday, March 10, and receive, wait for it, a FREE professional blow dry (and styling product).

Sound fun? All you have to do is send a current photo (one that shows your current hair length and natural texture, not curled or straightened) and you cell phone number to And be sure to tweet @capFABB if you end up attending, because Bumble and bumble is hoping to build a database of bloggers and beauty enthusiasts around the DMV and this is such a fun way to start!

CapFABB_BBU Event 2

Have a nice weekend!

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